Our caring and compassionate team consistently strives to provide the highest quality care to our patients. 

At our Veterinary Hospital we use low-stress handling, treats and pheremones so that we can make your pet's experience as pleasent and stress free as possible. We care about what kind of experience your pet has with us and want them to be as happy and comfortable as we can make them! We are here to collaborate with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet. 




Clinic Cat (Certified Connoisseur of all the finer things in life )

Dora joined the team as an adult cat on her way to the shelter in 2013. She never made it out the door! If you ask her she will tell you she is the most spectacular feline specimen to every grace the earth with her presence (and as such she would appreciate more food and softer beds!).  She is a pretty spectacular feline and we are so lucky to have found her. She certainly brightens up the day!

Her main hobbies are supervising her staff at the reception desk, sleeping and (most of all!) eating! She is ALWAYS up for a cuddle.

Carolyn Prentice

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc (Hons))

Member of:

  • the Australian Veterinary Association,
  • Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association,
  • Australian Veterinary Boards Association,
  • Australian Equine Veterinary Association (AEVB),
  • Registered Hendra vaccinator

Three decades ago Carolyn came to work in Kilmore as a new graduate from the University of Melbourne.  After traveling and working overseas Carolyn returned to the region because she loved the town and had always wanted to work here. She bought the Broadford Clinic from Malcolm Ware in 1997 and has been here ever since.

Carolyn’s main interests are in small animal medicine and surgery and Equine behavior. Her goal is to become a member of the Australian Veterinary Board of Behaviourists.

The thing Carolyn loves most about her job is the joy and happiness she can bring to people when she makes their pets well and being there for them when they have to make the hardest decisions. A lot of vets hate this part and she hates to see people sad, but having the capacity to end suffering and handle it with empathy, to be able to support them and make the process easier is her silver lining.

Carolyn has owned many pets and currently shares her life with two Cairn terriers (a mother/ daughter act) Lucy and Blondie, and two rescued cats, Boots (built for comfort) and Toffee (built for speed). She breeds and competes Warmbloods and she also runs a small beef herd on her Clonbinane property.

Kelly Rogers

Senior Clinic Veterinarian (BVSc)

Kelly is a local who has worked in the area for a number of years. Kelly's a keen guinea pig lover and has a great affinity for pocket pets. Kelly's medical knowledge is phenomenal and is our go to medical guru. 

Kelly shares her life with a human family, multiple horses, pet sheep, dogs, gunea pigs, rabbits, a pet rat and 3 cats. 

Nyree Williams

Registered Veterinary Nurse & Practice Manager (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Ecology (Hons))

Nyree began Veterinary Nursing in 2011.

Nyree’s favorite part of her job is the assortment of challenges it presents, forming bonds with her patients and sharing her passion for animals. Nyree has a keen interest in animal behaviour, anaesthesia and avian medicine.

Nyree currently shares her life with 2 dogs, a cat, a sassy Quaker parrot, budgies, chooks and horses.

Maddie Brearley

Veterinary Nurse

Maddie joined the Cental Highlands Veterinary team in 2019. She started nursing in 2015 starting out at Essendon Accident & Emergency. She knew veterinary nursing was the career for her as she has always had numerous pets and been passionate about their welfare. 

Maddie loves being able to make a difference in a patient's life and getting to know their owners. It is one of her favorite things about being a veterinary nurse!

Maddie currently owns a border collie, 2 cats and 2 horses.

Kay Whitecross

Senior Vet Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Kay joined the Central Highlands Veterinary team in 2019. She has a number of years of nursing experience working in a range of practices from general practice clinics and veterinary hospitals to specialist equine practices. She is proudest of the fact that she hasn't lost her love of what she does. 

Kay shares her life with 2 dogs and a horse but has owned many, varied pets over the years!


Kelsey Cook

Veterinary Nurse

Kelsey joined the Central Highlands Veterinary team in 2019. She has a number of years experience in mixed practice clinics before taking a break to pursue other career opportunities. She has happily come back to nursing and is loving being hands on with our patients and getting to know our clients.

Tara Goodwin

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Tara has rejoined the team after taking a break from veterinary nursing to pursue other projects. We are so pleased to welcome Tara back to the clinic in 2021.

Tara loves all animals but has a particular soft spot for Border Collies. 

Jack Robinson

Veterinary Nurse

Jack is working at Central Highlands Veterinary Group casually while he completes his Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree (and doing a fantastic job at it too!).

When not studying he may be found working at the clinic on weekends and university holidays. Jack loves all aspects of veterinary medicine and is as excited to see a puppy as cattle and goats!

Monique Brain

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Monique joined the team mid 2021.

More info to come.

Olivia Cachia

Trainee Veterinary Nurse (Certificate in Zoology)

Olivia joined the team mid 2021. Olivia has grown up wanting to help animals. She began veterinary nursing after becoming involved in wildlife rescue. Her favourite part of her job is being able to learn about and provide the best care possible to her patients. 

Olivia's particular area of interest lies in rehabilitation and care so that she can help animals in need get back on their feet. 

Olivia currently shares her life with a cat.

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