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Health care information to keep your horse sound and in good condition.

Injuries & Diseases of the Hoof II: Puncture Wounds of the Sole

A progressively severe lameness is characteristic of puncture wounds to the sole.

Wall break-back is where portions of the hoof wall break out and expose the sensitive laminae. Hoof wall rings are most often due to dramatic feed and work changes, episodes of laminitis or other causes of foot inflammation, or prolonged illness.

Conditions of the frog and adjacent structures, such as canker and thrush, are predominantly seen in horses kept under unhygienic wet conditions.

Seedy Toe or White Line Disease is necrosis of the sensitive laminae of the hoof, while the term ‘corns’ refers to inflammation of the area between the wall and the bars of the foot caused through improper shoeing.

Keeping Miniature Horses Healthy by Managing Diet

They're tiny, cute, and appealing. Just looking at a Miniature Horse makes you want to give it a cuddle and a treat! Unfortunately, obesity is a common and deadly problem.

Keeping the Senior Horse Healthy

With good care, many horses live well into their twenties or even thirties.

Laminitis - Prevention is Better than Cure

Founder is one of the most crippling diseases of horses and ponies. Laminitis, the initiating cause of founder, can affect any horse, of any age or sex, at any time of year. Laminitis can be triggered by a variety of metabolic or physical causes.

Laminitis is a catastrophic syndrome that should always be treated as an emergency. Recent research and new techniques used to treat this condition now make it possible to save horses that might have otherwise died.

Like so many old-timers, horsemen of yesteryear take pleasure in telling tales. With their tales come nuggets of feeding advice - sometimes sage, sometimes bunk. Here are five common misconceptions laid to rest.

Leave the Clippings on the Lawn

The potential problems associated with feeding lawn clippings far outweigh the benefits. Certainly there's nothing wrong with offering your four-legged friend a treat, but it’s safest to stick to the usual gustatory delights such as carrots and apples.

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