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Health care information to keep your horse sound and in good condition.

Unlike other performance events, the driver of a horse that has diarrhoea is reminded of this fact in a very real fashion.

Dietary Fat - Friend or Foe?

Feeding added dietary fat to a performance horse can help with the competitive edge. Finding the right source and the right amount of fat may be a matter of trial and error for each individual horse, but the rewards can make it well worth the effort.

Equine Dental Care Guide

Efficient digestion in the horse starts when the food is taken in and chewed, therefore routine attention to the teeth is an important part of feeding management.

Of all the domesticated animals, horses seem to be most prone to development of dental abnormalities for a number of reasons.

Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Equine Metabolic Syndrome is a relatively new discovery, previosuly referred to as peripheral Cushing’s syndrome, pseudo-Cushing’s syndrome, hypothyroidism, and insulin resistance syndrome.

As we all know, hay is often a mainstay of winter diets. When pasture grasses stop growing and start turning an unappetising shade of brown, it is time to begin supplementing good-quality hay to pastured horses.

All rural and regional properties are at risk of bushfire and complacency can be deadly. Being prepared is the key to minimising the risk and impact of fire on your property and to livestock and pets.

While an all-forage diet might be the most natural, many heavily exercised horses are not able to consume enough calories from hay or grass to fuel the demands of training and performance.

A well-formulated home mixed ration provides the flexibility to meet each individual horse’s stage and response to training, appetite level and feed intake, along with their changing needs.

Show hacks and dressage horses must not only be highly trained to exhibit faultless manners and movement, but be presented in a robust, well conditioned appearance with a shiny hair coat.

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