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Health care information to keep your horse sound and in good condition.

Viral Respiratory Disease In Horses

In Australia, infection with viruses such as the Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1 and EHV-4) are a common cause of respiratory disease in horses. The 'stable virus' is essentially an upper respiratory tract viral disease.

It is useful to be aware of the normal values for the vital signs of your horse.

Vitamins Are Important in Horse Nutrition
Vitamins are required by the horse for growth, tissue maintenance, body function, and optimum athletic performance.

Hendra virus infection is a disease caused by the Hendra virus (HeV) which affects horses and humans. Horses develop an acute respiratory or neurological syndrome that quickly leads to death in most cases.

What’s a Good Diet for a Good-Doer?

When access to high-quality pasture is available, horses, especially good doers, will find the extra calories they require in succulent grasses. In fact, owners may want to be sure horses don't become too pudgy as winter segues into spring and summer.

Will it Ever Rain Again?

Your once-green pasture is starting to resemble an arid desert savannah. Feed and grain prices are climbing and the price of chaff and hay (if you can buy it at all) is going through the roof! Your horses need feeding, but with what?

Optimal nutrition of the performance horse hinges foremost on the exercise it performs. Therefore, accurately assessing the level of work performed by the horse is essential in determining the amount and type of feed offered.

Most of the newer worm drenches and pastes available on the market today are highly effective and safe. However, some worms have the ability to become resistant to worming drugs.

It is important that all persons responsible for the health care of horses have an understanding of the common worms and how to control them.

Horses are experts when it comes to injuring themselves and the more valuable they are the better they are at it!

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