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Health care information to keep your horse sound and in good condition.

12 Tips for Lowering the Risk of Laminitis in Horses

Laminitis is an inflammatory condition that affects a horse’s hooves. The condition causes intense pain and tissue destruction that often result in the horse’s death.

Why do some mares not produce a foal at foot in the next season?

Increased daylight for mares in the winter months can help overcome the lower ovulation rate that occurs during the early part of the breeding season.

Anhidrosis, or the inability to sweat to dissipate heat after exercise, is a condition that develops in horses stabled and trained under hot, humid conditions. It is commonly described as ‘dry coat’ or ‘non-sweating’ disease.

Arthritis Among Horses

Horses, like humans, often must endure the uncomfortable, creaky movement that is characteristic of joint inflammation, more commonly referred to as simply arthritis.

Bacterial Respiratory Diseases in Horses

Prevention of bacterial respiratory infections, such as Strangles, bacterial pneumonia and travel sickness or shipping disease, is very important.

Bleeding from one or both nostrils during or following maximal exercise is referred to as ‘Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage’ (EIPH).

Provided mares have adequate feed and are in reasonable bodily condition, they have a chance to commence their breeding cycles with the onset of spring weather.

Can I Feed Them the Same Amount?

If you are feeding a number of horses, it is important to be aware of changes in work and to keep a close eye on body condition. Horses are individuals and their nutritional requirements are just as unique as their personalities.

Care of the Mare After Foaling
After foaling, fit and healthy mares get up fairly quickly and show concern for their foals. However, many mares are exhausted and can present problems for the foal.
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